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We are passionate experts and thought-leaders in virtual worlds, digital twins, virtual reality, augmented reality and generative AI.

Since 2006 we've worked with global brands, agencies, start-ups, governments and investors providing de-facto analytics and strategic guidance coupled with high-impact, result-driven activation, consulting and advisory services.

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Brands & Agencies

We take brands into the Metaverse.

Global brands and IP owners trust us to create compelling and cutting-edge virtual goods and virtual world campaigns for their properties and products.

We provide market and competitor analysis, campaign creation and planning, creative conceptualization services as well as partnership and monetization strategies.

Developers & Operators

We’re the launch partner of choice.

We work with start-ups and existing developers providing business planning, strategic consulting, user benchmarking and creative development, designed to bring their platforms to market as effectively as possible.

We also provide post-launch virtual world user experience audits.

Investors & VC's

We make the smart money smarter.

Investors and venture capital firms utilize our expertise, analytics and market insight to assist with due diligence and investment decision making.

Our unique position in the market allows us to also provide deal-flow to the investor community. We’ve worked on investments totalling over $100m.

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Client Experience

AmerinetAnimal JamBBCBTDC ThomsonDigital DollhouseEAFrance TélévisionsGoogleJohnson & JohnsonLifewayL'OréalMattelMonkey QuestNickelodeonPBSStardollStudio 100 TVUbisoft
The first-ever rating and ranking index for blockchain virtual worlds

Metaverse Universe

The Metaverse Universe and Radar charts show companies operating in the virtual worlds sector. The Universe chart shows virtual worlds segmented by how they are accessed (via browser or virtual reality headset) and whether they're on or off a blockchain. The Radar Chart has a different perspective, grouping virtual worlds by major genre. Contact us for high-res versions.

Research & Insight

The Top 20 Countries for Metaverse Users

Here's our latest Metaverse market research showing the top 20 countries for virtual worlds users.


The Top 100 Web3 Virtual Worlds in the Metaverse: June 2023

Here's the June update of the Web3 Metaverse Index showing the top 100 companies.


The 7 Point Plan for Marketing in the Metaverse: Point 7 - Cross-Promote

As the Metaverse continues to capture the imagination of people worldwide, businesses are exploring innovative ways to bridge the gap between virtual and physical experiences. In this blog post, we will delve into the exciting realm of cross-promoting Metaverse activity into the real world and uncover the immense benefits it brings.


The 7 Point Plan for Marketing in the Metaverse: Point 6 - Stoke the Fire

In Point 6 we explore the remarkable benefits of running events, competitions, and other activities within virtual worlds, and how these experiences can stimulate and maintain interest in a branded company venue, ultimately fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat visits

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Metaversed Leadership

NIc Mitham

Nic Mitham, Founder and CEO

A 16-year thought-leader and strategist in the Virtual Worlds and Metaverse sector. Nic is based in the UK and leads our strategic consulting business.

Kelly Loter

Kelly Loter, COO

A 30-year advertising guru and agency owner. Kelly is based in the US and leads our marketing services and creative development business.