The Metaverse Reaches 600m Monthly Active Users

Major news in the Metaverse - there are now over 600m monthly active users!

That's the major headline from our newly published Q4 2023 Metaverse Universe report, tracking virtual world platforms and their respective user bases. The Universe chart analysis visualises every virtual world in the Metaverse, showing launch date, MAUs, platform type (Web2 or Web3) and access method (via browser/app or VR headset).

On a quarter-on-quarter basis from the start of Q3 to Q4, total MAUs increased 10.4% from 549m to 606.4m.

We've been tracking these numbers since 2006 and the MAU numbers are obtained directly from the platform operators, sourced from financial statements and press releases or estimated where applicable.

The chart below shows the segment of the Universe chart for Web2 virtual worlds accessed via browser or app. This is the largest and most active part of the Metaverse market containing the 'Big 3' of Roblox, Fortnite and Minecraft.

According to our research, Roblox has hit a major milestone in Q4, reaching 250m MAUs (an increase of 20m quarter on quarter) and is the largest virtual world in the Metaverse. Fortnite, its closest competitor increased MAUs from 85m to 90m in the same period. These two platforms are battling it out for both the attention of users and advertisers.

Other virtual worlds of note in this cohort to keep a close eye on include Zepeto and Avakin Life , with 20m and 10m MAUs respectively. The table below shows quarterly MAU numbers across the various segments of the Metaverse.

The table presented above illustrates the dominance of Web2 virtual worlds within the Metaverse, as observed from a MAU standpoint. As of the start of Q4 23, Web2 collectively accounted for a substantial 597.6m MAUs, constituting an overwhelming 98.5% of the overall user base.

In contrast, Web3 remains a relatively minor player in the Metaverse landscape, recording a modest 8.8 million MAUs during the same period. There's a host of reasons why these platforms are struggling to attract users and feel free to get in touch with us to find out why.

Moving into the fourth quarter, there was a substantial increase in MAUs accessing the Metaverse through virtual reality (VR) headsets. The predominant contributor in this category is VRChat, which achieved a notable milestone with 20 million MAUs during this period.

We anticipate significant growth in this figure in the immediate future, largely driven by the introduction of Roblox on the Meta Quest 2, which is poised to act as a catalyst for further expansion. The chart below shows total Metaverse MAUs by access method.

Presently, the Metaverse encompasses a total of 170 distinct virtual worlds, each of which has been analysed and detailed within our comprehensive Universe report. This invaluable resource is readily available at no cost and can be obtained by making a request via this link.

Here's the full Universe chart, available in high-res on request.

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