More growth in the Entertainment and Events Virtual Worlds Sector

We've just updated the Metaverse Universe chart and in particular the segment showing virtual worlds focussed on Entertainment and Events. This genre is a really good example of how virtual worlds can bring together fans of artists and music in an immersive environment.

New additions to this segment are:

The Apollo Project A free-to-earn desktop game where players can participate in the Music Verse, with customisable avatar NFTs which can be used cross-game and personalised with music NFTs.

Ristband Perform shows, discover music, play games, and hang out with friends in Ristband. If you are music industry, get the tools and insights you need to launch campaigns, monitor results, discover new talent and apply your skills to Web 3.0.

MusicVerse A new physical and digital music ecosystem for artists to launch and control their own interactive experiences through playable worlds and NFTs

Wave Enabling artists and fans to collaborate in the creation of interactive live performance experiences. Waves are live streamed globally on wave and across popular social and gaming platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, Facebook and Roblox.

PartyOn The first-ever VR, AR and mobile cross-platform musical virtual experience. Built on the foundations of ultra-low latency acoustics, multi-user presence, and real-time social interactions and additional cross-device support.

These five new additions enter a vertical that's already got a healthy number of competitors within it. So, who wins? Well, it could come down to two key factors. Firstly, the quality of the artists participating with the platform. These artists have the ability to bring potentially millions of new users into the Metaverse. Second, the user experience. How realistic the virtual concert experience is and how original/unique the experience can be built towards to user.

Looking specifically at Wave, the video below should give you a good indication of where we're going.

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