New additions to the Blockchain Virtual World segment

The Blockchain Virtual Worlds segment of the Metaverse Universe Chart has the high number of pre-launch companies in development and we've just added five new worlds to it.

Spaceverse: 'Spaceverse is the first-ever fashion metaverse where you can showcase our fashionable NFTs, join fashion and sports related events, interact and play games with other participants'

Cubemint: 'The first audio metaverse platform. Cubemunt connects physical reality and virtual spaces through sound in three-dimensional audio spaces that users can mint and explore together while talking to each other'

Terra World: 'Terra World is the first metaverse for work service powered by the  blockchain, aspiring to provide a distinct virtual work environment for businesses'

The Fabricant: 'The Fabricant Studio is a platform where anyone, anywhere can become a digital fashion creator and participate in the digital fashion economy/'

Nakaverse: 'If you have some solid creative skills to show off, Nakaverse is waiting for you to build the city of dreams on its blockchain-powered multi-faceted platform.
With several exciting maps to explore and strategize over, it is time to put on the hats of Mayors and City Architects in our all-new gameplay mode and win exciting rewards along the way!'

It's really encouraging to see these new entrants developing their worlds into specific themes and genres - this is a much better way to extend the lifetime value of users. Contact Us to request a high res version of the Universe Charts.

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