The Metaverse Universe: Q2 2022 Update

We move into Q2 of 2022 with a total Metaverse population of 440m monthly active users, up 10% from Q1. Whilst it is still the larger players that have driven this growth, we are seeing an increasing number of new virtual worlds in development, most scheduled for beta launches this year. All of the virtual worlds in the Metaverse sector are shown in our Metaverse Universe chart and today we’ve released the updated Q2 version of the Universe.

The first segment shows browser-based virtual worlds not on blockchains, split by an average user age under or over 13. This group of virtual worlds makes up over 80% of the total population of the Metaverse. Roblox leads the pack with 230m MAUs, followed by Minecraft and Fortnite. The upcoming Lego/Epic Games virtual world will slot into this segment of the market.

Looking at platforms for older users, Zepeto has shown very strong growth quarter to quarter moving from 13m to 20m MAUs. IMVU and Rec Room are the next largest worlds.

Staying off-chain, the next segment of the Universe chart focuses on virtual worlds accessed via VR headset as opposed to the browser. In overall numbers, the user bases are currently low but solely due to the addressable audience having to have access to a HMD.

This will of course increase as headset penetration grows and there are multiple opportunities in this part of the market. We split companies in this sector according to the ’size’ of the experience, be it Room-based or larger Worlds.

Moving to the other half of the market and virtual worlds built on blockchains, the next segment shows VR virtual worlds. We split this further according to the type of blockchain. As per the non-blockchain segment, user numbers are currently low BUT there is a number of companies currently in development.

The fourth and final segment shows browser-based blockchain virtual worlds. Clearly, this is a high-growth area and is currently led by Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity. In order to tackle the issue with minimum legal ages for crypto wallets and low adult penetration in VWs, the platforms that succeed in this segment will be the ones with higher fidelity graphics and more genre-driven user experiences.

We expect some major winners in this group if these issues can be successfully addressed. We also expect some major losers. These will be the virtual worlds that think they can simply copy the larger platforms and ride off the overall growth of the Metaverse. This will not work and these companies will become Black Holes in the Metaverse Universe.

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