The Most Popular Blockchains for Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds built on blockchains is currently the highest growth area within the Metaverse sector with over 40 companies developing or already operating their platforms. But, which blockchains are most popular to build on?

We've taken our virtually world-famous Universe chart and added an extra level of detail in order to answer this question. As seen in the updated chart segment below, Ethereum is the clear leader at present accounting for almost 50% of total virtual worlds. The two current poster boys in the market, The Sandbox and Decentraland both use the Ethereum blockchain.

Second highest is Polygon (Matic) with six VWs (14.6% of the total). Technically speaking, Polygon is a Layer 2 scaling solution (aka a Sidechain) that actually sits on top of the Ethereum network and was built to increase transaction speeds and improve the efficiency of the underlying blockchain. Mona and Vault Hill are the two operational VWs in this cohort.

Check out the rest of the blockchain virtual worlds below...

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