Universe Update: Blockchain Virtual Worlds

We've updated the segment of the Universe Chart that contains blockchain based virtual worlds delivered in the browser. This is hottest sector in the Universe at present and expected to grow further. Lot's of worlds in development, particularly with non-Ethereum platforms.

Looking at the propositions and feature sets of these companies they're all pretty much offering the same experience - land sales, NFTS, UGC, modern cities and open worlds. This is worrisome from a strategic perspective because without focusing on a specific 'interest vertical' they're all generically going after the same target market.

A better approach here is to theme the virtual world to a specific genre. Better targeting into defined cohorts leads to more user engagement and monetisation levels, as observed many times in the KT&T space. To learn more about choosing the right genre for virtual world development or to request high-res versions of the Universe chart get in touch.

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