Explaining The Web3 Metaverse Index

Next week we're publishing the July update of our Web3 Metaverse Index. This index is now tracking over 100 different blockchain-based virtual worlds in the Metaverse with each of these platforms being ranked and assessed against 8 different variables, as follows:

Senior Management Experience

Business Model Evaluation

Defined Target Market

Graphics Fidelity

User Experience

Initial Funding/Sales

Roadmap Strategy

Brand Suitability

The Metaversed  Web3 Index can be used as a valuable resource for individuals and organisations interested in the Web3 market. Here's how it can be utilised:

Market Research

The Web3 Index provides insights into the performance and trends of various projects and platforms within the Web3 ecosystem. Researchers can analyse the index to understand the overall market dynamics, identify promising companies and gain a comprehensive view of the industry.

Investment Decision Making

Investors can leverage the Web3 Index to assess the performance of different projects and companies. By analysing the index's constituents and their respective weights, investors can make informed decisions about allocating their capital within the Web3 market.

Portfolio Diversification

The Web3 Index represents a diverse range of projects and tokens within the Web3 space. Investors can use the index as a benchmark for diversifying their portfolio by ensuring exposure to different companies, protocols, and technologies.

Performance Tracking

The Web3 Index serves as a performance tracker for the Web3 market. Investors can compare the performance of their investments with the index to evaluate their portfolio's relative performance and identify areas for improvement.

Risk Management

The index's composition provides insights into the risk profile of the Web3 market. Investors can assess the weights assigned to different projects and sectors to gauge the market's overall risk exposure and adjust their investment strategies accordingly.

Sector Analysis

The index's sector breakdown allows investors to analyse the performance and growth of specific sectors within the Web3 ecosystem. This information can help in identifying emerging trends, assessing sector-specific risks, and making informed investment decisions.


The Web3 Index can serve as a benchmark for comparing the performance of specific projects or tokens against the overall market. Project teams and token issuers can evaluate their performance relative to the index to gauge their market positioning and identify areas for improvement.

Market Education

The Web3 Index can be used as an educational tool for individuals seeking to understand the Web3 landscape. It provides a structured overview of the market, introducing users to key projects, tokens, and sectors within the Web3 ecosystem.

Shown below is the top 20 Web3 virtual worlds in June. Contact us for the complete league table of 100 platforms

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