McDonald's enters the Metaverse

Recently we had the opportunity, through our friends at StudioNow & Agency 123, McDonald's in-house creative team, to collaborate with one of the planet's biggest and most progressive brands, McDonald’s.

The incredible and forward-thinking teams at McDonald's & Agency 123 had the vision to host a one-of-a-kind, live event in the Metaverse, a show unlike any other.

As the team started the project, we discovered that McDonald’s has a unique Chicago headquarters. This physical space embodies the brand's fun & creative aspects, so building a digital twin with a “new virtual 10th-floor rooftop garden” was the perfect place to create a Metaverse environment to host this event.

Every corner had a surprise and delight moment, perfect to start a conversation or grab a selfie. A display of creativity emerged that delivered content to their ad & marketing agencies from around the world in a never-before manner through the Metaverse.

It was a great pleasure to partner with both Odyssey and Creative Filter to deliver this successful event. The Odyssey platform was the perfect solution to create an event of this calibre, not to mention the beautiful animation and film work Creative Filter did on this project to make it all flow.

We're delighted to present our latest Metaverse project for McDonald's, a virtual world event for the Feel-Good Marketing Awards.

Digital Twin Venue

What better place to host a Metaverse awards show than in a virtual version of the McDonald's HQ in Chicago? A Digital Twin of the HQ was built, complete with a nighttime skyline and golden carpet spawn point, taking show attendees into the beautiful lobby of the building that led to the video gallery of award nominees.

The Odyssey platform was ideal for delivering a virtual world that integrates McDonald's brand and marketing assets in the highest-fidelity environment.

To assist with onboarding, orientation, and pre-show awareness, the team gave the attendees early access to the ground floor of the HQ with streaming videos, proximity play triggers, and a beautifully branded environment, setting the scene for the upcoming event.

The streaming videos in the video gallery area showcased each award category nominee for the guests as they strolled through the environment up to the newly Metaversed 10th floor.

The 10th Floor

The real-world HQ has nine floors, but what could be cooler than to host McDonald’s spectacular show on the newly created Metaverse rooftop garden in the night sky? On the event day, guests made their way up the stairs beyond the gallery to the teleportation zone to access the 10th Floor Metaverse venue.

The 10th floor contained a gigantic interactive screen that sat beyond the show stage, burger seats for the attendees, swag areas for McDonald’s fun wearables, super-sized product placement throughout, and other social regions.

And NO McDonald’s event could ever be complete without the iconic Golden Arches on display. The beautiful arches and their radiant glow shone brightly in the Metaverse on the 10th floor, providing an imposing backdrop behind the grand stage to the Chicago night skyline, complete with Northern Lights. It was a bright night indeed for the extraordinary and cool brand of McDonald’s.

Show Logistics

Working with Agency 123, Studio Now, Odyssey, and Creative Filter, we created a 90-minute awards show with UV-mapped graphics, Ready Player Me avatars, and interactive branding. Motion capture and green-screen recording were also incorporated to allow a multi-shard experience across instances.

Live-action filming was also augmented into the overall experience to link the real world with the virtual one.

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