Metaverse Companies by Size and Type

It's busy busy busy in the Metaverse with over 150 different platforms vying for users (and in most cases) brands. We've been tracking and analysing the market since 2006 primarily using our Universe Chart as the primary visualisation tool to present and explain the market. With the introduction of Web3 into the mix we then developed the Web3 Metaverse Index to compare each of the companies developing VW platforms into the market.

And one thing is very clear with the state of the Metaverse market - there's a small number of companies that completely dominate the market, leaving the rest to fight it out over older and less engaged users. We've developed a new schematic to present the Metaverse market and it's shown below. We've been sharing our insights and expertise on the Metaverse for quite a while so feel free to grab a copy of the schematic.

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