Metaverse Monthly Active Users Q2 2023

We've just released the Q2 2023 update of our Metaverse Universe chart and in conjunction, we've updated our Metaverse monthly active user (MAU) report.

The table below contains our analysis and shows how we break down the numbers. We populate this dataset by obtaining MAU data directly from the virtual worlds, from publicly available sources (press releases, company info etc) and from our own estimates. We've been tracking virtual world data since 2006 in case you were wondering.

On an overall basis, the Metaverse MAU population grew by 1% from Q1 to Q2 and currently totals 520m.

The top-level segmentation splits virtual words within the Metaverse into either Web2 or Web3. What is very clear to see is the dominance of Web2 VWs with X% of total MAUs residing in centralised VWs. Web3 platforms still have a long way to go in terms of amassing user bases large enough to sustain internal economies, have thriving ecosystems and be of interest to brands and organisations.

We then further segment Web 2 and 3 into different sub-sectors. With Kids, Tweens and Teens (KT&T) being such a dominant cohort in the Metaverse (89% of total MAUs are aged 18 and under) we provide a dedicated category for the Web2 group within the sector for VWs accessed via browser or app. Older users (18+) are assigned to the other group. For Web2 VWs accessed via a VR headset, we split these MAUs by the size of the experience - Rooms (small) or Worlds (larger).

Moving over to Web 3 virtual worlds, the secondary segmentation is made by the type of blockchain deployed, be it Ethereum or Non Ethereum. Further drill down is provided for the browser/app segment where we specify the blockchains being used by the platforms.

Contact us to request the full Metaverse Monthly Active Users report (it's free).

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