Metaverse Universe Q1 2023 update

Here's the Q1 2023 update of the Metaverse Universe chart, a visualisation of the virtual worlds sector. These worlds are categorised by Web2/3 and by access method. There are currently 149 virtual worlds either live or in development. Whereas the browser-based Web3 segment contains the highest number of VWs, the browser-based Web2 segment leads the way in terms of MAU's. This segment is shown below.

The second segment contains Web2 virtual worlds built for virtual reality. This contains a smaller number of both worlds and users, due to the installed base of HMD's still being low.

Moving over to Web3 (virtual worlds built on blockchains), the VR segment is shown below. As per it's Web2 counterpart, this is a small cohort.

The last segment contains browser-based Web3 platforms. Q4 2022 saw many of these worlds that were in-development open their doors and go live.

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