Q3 2023 Universe Chart Update

Here's our updated Metaverse Universe chart for Q3 2023. The Universe chart is a schematic visualisation of all of the virtual worlds within the Metaverse.

We segment this chart firstly by Web2 or Web3 and secondly by access method (accessed via browser/app or by a VR device). We also show MAU counts for virtual worlds with user bases higher than 500K.

Here's the segment showing Web2 virtual worlds accessed via browser or app. This segment of the Metaverse Universe contains the highest number of MAUs and is of the most interest to brands entering the Metaverse. Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft and Zepeto are the major players in this group.

The second section of the Universe chart shows Web2 virtual worlds accessed via VR headsets. Due to the low installed base of HMDs. this segment has comparatively lower MAUs than the browser cohort. However, we expect this to improve in the near term due to an increased number of virtual world apps coming to headsets, including Roblox.

The third segment of our Universe chart contains Web3 virtual worlds accessed via VR headsets. As per the previous segment, MAUs and operating platforms are lower here.

The fourth and final segment of the Universe chart contains Web3 browser-based virtual worlds. This is a crowded and over-served segment of the Universe with many different platforms chasing similar demographics. As we predicted last year, we're now seeing some platforms close due to their inability to acquire users.

We'll shortly be publishing our MAU analysis for the Metaverse in Q3 2023 [Update: Published here]. Looking at the overall number of platforms, the Metaverse currently has 164 companies either live or in development which is an increase of 10 from Q2. This is shown in the table below.

Get in touch with us if you'd like the full Metaverse Universe presentation deck.

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