The Top 20 Countries for Metaverse Users

Here's our latest Metaverse market research showing the top 20 countries for virtual worlds users.

In overall user numbers, China leads the way (driven by the population size and propensity to frequent virtual worlds) totalling 183m followed by India with 41m and then the USA in third place with 37m.

On a penetration basis (Metaverse users as a % of the total addressable market of people with Internet access), South Korea takes the top spot with 18.0% with China second place with 16.7% and Turkey third with a respectable 14.2%.

Here's the base data showing per country population size, Internet penetration, addressable market, Metaverse users and Metaverse penetration.

China's massive population and love of virtual worlds clearly dominates these numbers. Taking China out of the equation, the chart below shows Metaverse users per country.

We often surprise our clients by pointing out the strength of Indonesia and Brazil when it comes to Metaverse users. Both of these countries have young demographics that have been hanging out in virtual worlds for years.

Another interesting perspective is looking at respective Metaverse penetration, as shown in the chart below.

South Korea has the highest Metaverse penetration in the world at 18%, followed by China with 16.7%. The Philippines takes third place, then Turkey. These are two more countries often overlooked in terms of Metaverse usage.

We've also segmented out the overall numbers into key age ranges, namely under 13, 13-18 and 18+. These datapoints are shown in the table below.

The charts below visualise Metaverse users by age range and major geo.

Contact us if you'd like a high-res version of this research.

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