Metaverse Monthly Active Users: Q3 2023

Following on from the release of the Metaverse Universe Chart for Q3 2023, here's our analysis of Monthly Active Users. On a headline basis, total MAUs for the Metaverse increased by 29m from Q2 to Q3, driven primarily by growth in the Web2 browser/app segment of the market.

Here's the segment of our Universe chart showing the Web2 browser/app market of the Metaverse.

Web2 MAUs account for 98.5% of the total Metaverse population. Web3 still represents a very small proportion of the Metaverse market and growth, albeit extremely modest, occurred in the browser/app Ethereum section of the market. This part of the Metaverse market is currently over-populated by virtual world platforms with too many companies chasing too few users, as shown below.

And here's a clear visual showing the dominance that Web2 currently has over the Metaverse sector.

Get in touch with us if you'd like the full Metaverse Universe presentation deck.

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