Metaversed Walkthroughs: Skodaverse in The Nemesis

Here's the first episode in our Metaversed Walkthroughs series taking a look at brand activations in the Metaverse. We'll be diving into Web2 and Web3 platforms to examine and assess how brands are deploying Metaverse marketing campaigns.

First up is a virtual world that is currently joint first in our Metaversed Web3 Index, The Nemesis. One of the reasons we rank The Nemesis so highly within the Web3 space is its high suitability for brands and its user experience. Crypto wallet access it not a prerequisite for joining The Nemesis and graphics fidelity and the user experience are sufficiently high enough to retain users.

Here's our walkthrough and assessment of the latest brand to enter The Nemesis... The Skodaverse:

Next up is a walkthrough of BMW's latest brand activation inside Spatial.

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