The Top 20 Web3 Virtual Worlds in the Metaverse: July 2023

We've recently updated our analysis of Web3 virtual worlds in the Metaverse. This is presented within our Web3 Metaverse Index and shown below.

Our Web3 Metaverse Index is a ranked league table of all virtual worlds operating on blockchains (here's a post explaining the variables we use to access each platform).

The Nemesis and Spatial are tied in first place for July 2023. Both of these companies are successfully bringing real world brands into their platforms which is an excellent driver for MAU expansion. Notably, The Nemesis has recently worked with Skoda and Spatial has recently deployed an activation for BMW Motorrad. Joint third place goes to Blankos and Portals.

Further down our top 20 ranking of Web3 Metaverse companies we have two new entrants tied in seventh place with three other existing companies. The new entrants in July 2023 are Numi Club and Ultra. Numi Club is focussing on user generated content creation whilst Ultra is positioning as a gaming hub.

We're currently tracking 123 different Web3 virtual worlds within our Metaverse Index. Contact us to obtain the full league table.

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